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Water Crisis in India 2019

Water Crisis in India 

Water Crisis Facts, Waterdrop, clean water

Without the water, the creation of a creative world cannot be imagined. Most of the human body is made of water. Various metabolic changes in the cell result. Many organic compounds are dissolved in the middle water. Water is one of the most solvents in the body. The pressure on the circulating pressure depends on the amount of water. Different types of circulation and emulsification from cell to cell are mainly done with the help of water. The terrestrial plant absorbs water from the soil with root and the aquatic plants can absorb water through all the floor of the body. Animals drink water and drink water by taking various food.Water Crisis in India 2019

Important of Water 

Keeps the protoplasm of the water cell wet and alive. Controls the metabolism of the cells, keeps the body cool. Cells control the immune system.
Green sustains the formation, growth of the cell and so on. The plant accepts various mineral salts through water absorption. It also transports through the water. The food produced on every leaf is transported from the cell to the quintessence with the help of the water. An essential element of the photosynthesis process in water plants. Helping the germination of seeds, ie, maintaining the mood of the protoplast, helping the germination of seeds, helping the transport of plants, transplantation of blood in the blood, transplantation, digestion, and absorption of food, and in the process of circulation and heat control. As a result of the water crisis or if the water is entered into less water than the demand for water or the damage to the animal is affected. Water is an important component of the vital organism.

Water Crisis Facts, DRY LAKE

Water-related information-

 60 to 90 percent of the protoplasm is water. Our blood contains 90 to 92 percent of water. The muscle has 50% water. About 60 to 70 percent of the human body weight is water. Usually, we need 3000 ml of water daily. With 800 to 1000 mL of sweating with 1500 ml, 300 ml with breath and 200 ml water with molten effusion. The total amount of water on earth is -1360000000

How much water is 71 percent of the total water?

97.5 seawater of the waterway. 1.7% snow and ice meltwater. 1.7% of groundwater and 0.1% of the weather and river-water. Soluble oxygen levels in drinking water -4.0 - 6.0. Chloride acceptable levels in drinking water - 250mg / 1 liter. Acceptable levels of iron in drinking water - o.3 mg / 1 liter. The acceptable level of copper in the drinking water is -0.05 mg / 1 liter. Clean rainwater pH-5.6 Acceptable levels of mercury in drinking water - 2hg /liter Freshwater is 3% of the total water in the world. The recommended level of arsenic in drinking water is -0.05 mg. There is a crisis in the current and coming days in the future.

Water shortage is the absence of adequate accessible water assets to fulfill the needs of water use inside a district. It as of now influences each mainland and around 2.8 billion individuals around the globe, at any rate, one month out of consistently. More than 1.2 billion individuals need access to clean drinking water.

Water shortage can be a consequence of two instruments: physical (total) water shortage and financial water shortage, where physical water shortage is an aftereffect of lacking common water assets to supply a locale's interest, and monetary water shortage is an aftereffect of poor administration of the adequate accessible water assets. As per the United Nations Development Program, the last is observed all the more regularly to be the reason for nations or locales encountering water shortage, as most nations or districts have enough water to meet family, modern, rural, and natural needs, however, come up short on the way to give it in an available way. 

Save Drinking Water :

Water shortage includes water pressure, water lack or shortfalls, and water emergency. While the idea of water pressure is moderately new, it is the trouble of acquiring wellsprings of crisp water for use during a timeframe and may result in further exhaustion and weakening of accessible water resources. Water deficiencies might be brought about by environmental change, for example, adjusted climate examples including dry seasons or floods, expanded contamination, and expanded human interest and abuse of water. A water emergency is where the accessible consumable, unpolluted water inside a district is not as much as that area's interest. Water shortage is being driven by two merging wonders: developing freshwater use and consumption of usable freshwater assets. 

The decrease of water shortage is an objective of numerous nations and governments. The UN perceives the significance of lessening the number of individuals without practical access to clean water and sanitation. The Millennium Development Goals inside the United Nations Millennium Declaration express that by 2015 they resolve to " halve the extent of individuals who can't reach or to manage the cost of safe drinking water.

The solution of underground drinking water across the country?

 On 20th May, there was a strong drink in nine states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, which came out in the newspaper. Water crisis Even villagers have to eat up to the polluted water. In every state of the country, the level of stored water below the soil is rapidly declining. According to official repurchase, by the year 2020 the soil below the 21 major cities of the country will end. The impact of 100 million people will have dire consequences.

 How below the soil (underground) water is deposited?

During heavy rains, the river-canal, canal-bills are all filled. Rainwater goes straight to the soil and deposits some of the water in the river nullah and then take it to the ground. Thus, large reservoirs were formed under the soil for many years. Previously, people did not know the news of the submerged water under the soil. Rainwater and canal-bills, river-drain water were used for cultivation and eating.

 Why is water level falling down soon?

Since then, water has been found in the soil and it is known to find the solution, the water started using people. Tired and uninterrupted drinking water was found and people with it. Improve the use of this water by using this water for greater yield in agriculture. As soon as it started, this water festival began to grow more and more every year. But the amount of water that is being consumed every year, the amount of water is not chewed and is not going under the ground ie, re-charging is not being done). Because of this, there are many pucca houses and pucca roads on the surface of the world. Since the river canals are not being renovated, they do not have much water stored during the year, lots of them. Plastic use prevents water from going underground. As a result, the water level below the ground has reduced and now it has reduced to a scary situation.

What is causing the problem of water due to reduced water under the soil?

The drinking  Water Crisis is happening in most states. The tubes that were earlier in the water rose again. Instead of using a more deep tube (sub-marshal pump) during the summer, too many places have failed. People are being forced to use drinking water for the public. Due to the decrease in the water level in the soil, the harmful arsenic is mixed in the water. Murshidabad, Burdwan, Malda, Hooghly, Howrah, North in West Bengal And in the south 24 Parganas districts, harmful drinking water is available. If the waterfalls below the ground, then the next generation is facing a grave crisis.

 What is the solution?

1)    The waste of underground water will be completely closed. This water takes a lot of time to settle

2) take as much rain as possible in bathing, stretching, etc. or depending on the pond river water.

3) reduce the use of plastic, stall, etc.

4) Keep the environment in the grass bed on the ground as much as possible without making ropes of the house.

5) Apply more trees to your surroundings.

6) For agriculture, the arrangement of rainwater in the rivers, canals, ponds should be improved.

7) Arrangement of supply of arsenicised drinking water will be done by seizing river water


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