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What are the causes of food and food crisis?

What are the causes of food  and food crisis?

What are the causes of food and food crisis?cake

 Animals need adequate amounts of energy for various physiological functions to take place. Food is the source of energy for animals. So in order to sustain life, every animal has to take food. The food we take goes into our digestive tract and is absorbed by various enzymes. The digested food is absorbed into the bloodstream and is transported to every cell in the body. There food energy (static energy) is released (converted into heat energy.) All the biological functions of the animal body are regulated by consuming that energy. Here we will learn about What are the causes of food  and food crisis? honey, cake, ice cream, birthday cake, chinese food, chicken recipes,olive garden ,indian restaurant.

What are the causes of food and food crisis?salad

Food & Nutrients -

Nutrients that participate in digestion and help the body build and produce energy are called food. Everything we eat is called food.Example of food honey,cake ,ice cream,chicken ,pasta ,sandwich ,sugar etc as well as protein,fat ,carbohydrate. Food is the food that is passed on to the organism for growth, nutrition, energy production and depletion.The organic and inorganic aha-ingredients that you collect from the environment to nourish the organism are called nutrients.

 Difference Between  Food and Nutrients - 

All the nutrients that help the organism to perform all the basic functions of the organism, but do not participate in digestion, are said to be nutritious. On the other hand, all food is nutritious, but not all nutrients are food.

Types of Food:

 According to its effectiveness, food can be divided into two main categories, namely- 

(i) Proxirnate principle of food - that is, all the foods that help in body building, intelligence and energy production, such as sugars, proteins, fats and 

( ii) Protective principles of food - that is, foods that protect the body from infection, such as vitamins, mineral salts, etc. The three main types of animal food are carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

.honey, cake, ice cream, birthday cake, chinese food, chicken recipes,olive garden ,indian restaurant.

Constituents of food: 

The  components of food are sugars, proteins, fats, vitamins, mineral salts and water.They are called food because of the caloric value of sugars, proteins and fats.

 Balanced Diet - 

A diet that contains all the nutrients carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, salts and water in the right amounts and proportions, which helps in the normal growth and nutrition of the body and the physiological functions By controlling, it is called balanced diet. Here we will learn about What are the causes of food  and food crisis? honey, cake, ice cream, birthday cake, chinese food, chicken recipes,olive garden ,indian restaurant.

What are the causes of food and food crisis?

                                                                                                                       Food source

Agricultural products:

Agriculture is the main source of human food, such as cereals (rice, wheat, "maize"), pulses (legumes, peas, lentils, etc.) and animal feed.

Horticultural products:

Edible fruits, vegetables, etc. are examples of horticultural products. In the branch of agriculture called horticulture, their improved production is studied.

 Livestock Products:

Milk (cows, buffaloes, goats), eggs (poultry), meat (goats, chickens) etc. play a special role in meeting the demand for animal feed. Scientific production and extraction of such food is discussed in animal husbandry. livestock products like meat and milk, honey,cake,ice cream,birthday cake,chinese food,etc has increased.


 Edible Rui, Katla, Vhetki etc. Aquatic animals like fish, shrimp, crab etc. are important sources of food. Advanced production methods for these foods are discussed in fisheries.

 Alternative food sources:

Alternatives to Conventional Foods Organic ingredients that provide low-cost nutrients and help solve food problems are called alternative food sources. Examples are single cell proteins rich in the proteins of unicellular microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, etc.

What are the causes of  food crisis?

 Population growth:

 The world's population is constantly growing. The world is facing a food crisis as it is not possible to produce food to meet the needs of this growing population. According to the United Nations, about 795 million people were affected by the food crisis in 2014-16.

Climate change:

Climate change has occurred all over the world due to environmental pollution, deforestation etc. Climate change has resulted in desertification due to excessive rainfall or drought, which has resulted in reduced crop yields, the arrival of new harmful pests. As a result, food production in the world as a whole is declining.

Transportation costs increase

An increase in the price of petrol per barrel increases the transport cost of crops and seeds, which in turn increases the market price of food and creates a food crisis.

Increased demand for meat and dairy foods:

With the economic development of China, India,Unitet state and other countries, the demand for nutritious food like meat and milk, honey,cake,ice cream,birthday cake,chinese food,chicken,pasta,breakfast,sandwich,,chicken recipes etc has increased.

Increased demand for biofuels:

In order to prevent the depletion of fossil fuels, the cultivation of crops producing bio-fuels (ethanol, biodiesel, etc.) has increased, resulting in a decrease in the cultivation of grain-producing crops, which is exacerbating the food crisis.


 Floods, droughts, deforestation, etc. cause land degradation. As a result, the amount of cultivable land decreases and crop production decreases, leading to food crisis.

 Increased demand in developed countries:

Accompanied by economic development. The demand for more nutritious food is increasing in developing countries.Here we will learn about What are the causes of food  and food crisis? honey, cake, ice cream, birthday cake, chinese food, chicken recipes,olive garden ,indian restaurant.

The result is a food crisis.


 If food is not stored properly after production, the crop is destroyed. As a result, the food crisis increases.

What are the causes of food and food crisis?CAKE

What are the consequences of the food crisis?

Discuss some of the events of the global food crisis

World Food Crisis: Notable food crisis events of the last century

Famine in Russia (1932-1933): This two-year famine is a man-made famine. The famine spread across Ukraine, Volga, Kazakhstan region of Russia. The famine is due to the fact that a large part of the food produced is stored for the future and due to some misguided government policies.

Food Crisis in Africa and the Middle East:

[i] Drought, water crisis, price rise, etc. have caused long-term food problems in Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and other countries. [ii] Food crisis has arisen in Middle Eastern countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia etc. due to war and other reasons. Forty million people in Africa and the Middle East are currently facing (2017) food shortages due to famine.

Food Crisis in India: In 1943-45, there was a shortage of food due to famine in Bengal. About 2 million people died as a result of this food crisis.

Consequences of the food crisis

Price increase:

In times of food crisis, there is a big difference between supply and demand, so short food crisis but more people increase the price of food, that is, the price goes up.


 The food crisis caused famine in vast areas. Famine leads to malnutrition, fasting, epidemics and death.

Social Instability:

Since food is the primary element of survival, ordinary people rebel and fight to survive in times of food crisis. The result is social unrest.


Without adequate food, people's social, economic and mental development is stunted and development is hampered.

What are the main causes of food crisis in India?

Population Growth: Food demand is increasing in India due to high population growth rate. By 2020, about 343 million metric tons of food will be needed. Rising prices of oil, fertilizers and pesticides: Fertilizers and pesticides in food production are essential for the transportation of government-produced food (petroleum is essential. Food prices are out of reach due to rising prices. Climate change; Instead, supply and norms, agriculture is being disrupted due to lack of various bad conditions.



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