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What is insurance?

What is insurance? 

Definition  : 

Insurance is a risk management technique. IT transfers large uncertain risk to a pool by choosing to be a certain price call premium, in the insurance company does insurance policy and offers  coverage in short the policyholder the person or entity binding shops policy premium payable to cover a rest then the sum assured among the factor the amount of money. Policyholders get in case the grid is the sum assured. Where is this covered by insurance company took a loss due to fire flood untimely death disability insurance protects. The financial interest of the individual in various acid All enjoyed banking awareness concepts in detail.

What is general insurance :

 The general insurance and history of life insurance is the protection from financial loss or you can say it is the unexpected eventuality. If someone purchases a new car after some time while traveling on the road it met with an accident and unexpected loss occurred in a shop some that occurred and some fire occurred in some office and a family the earning member of the family dies suddenly what will happen to the family so to take care of the risks associated with the unexpected events. Very important risks associated with unexpected events that are set to protect from financial loss and to act as a financial safeguard to the family is something happened. This type of situation insurance is used or insurance is useful so if someone asks insurance protection from financial loss. The forest management or to take care of unexpected event quality and I would like to tell you. 

Banking insurance sector :

This is the part of the broadly banking sector you may ask what is the banking sector? The banking sector is the banking financial services and Insurance sector. I would like to tell you two important points as insurance is concerned first and insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. It is the subject matter of solicitation what is exactly the meaning of its insurance is not for sale. It is to be promoted to why because if I want to purchase this product. I have so many alternatives and by paying money. I will get this material immediately if I want to purchase this product. I mean to know about the alternative and after knowing the alternative. I will purchase this product so this is the purchasing of the product. But insurance is not the purchasing of the product. Insurance is risk management. Insurance easiest subject matter of solicitation that means you have to explain the risks associated  with certain events to the people. That means you can promote  but not the cell that means insurance is not a product for selling just like this product. it is a product to explain various people concerning the risks associated with it this is very important. So several times we come across the insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.


The  Discovered Misselling is very important if you look at insurance. Because of the reason insurance service comes after that damage is done that means if the husband dies wife will get money if car damages then only you can have an claim that means it is different from other products. Two points are very important that one is insurance is the subject matter of solicitation because of the reason it is the name of the product of for sale. it can only be promoted by explaining the associated with life and various other products. like cause travels heavy vehicles, That means they should not be any scope for the misspelling. Write this word please don't forget when we are talking about insurance and letters. The second important point is your purchase two-wheeler and son accident frequently they will be lost the vehicle 10 Health Insurance no one knows which type of disease will come to. The person and similarly if a person is traveling on a motorcycle and unfortunately something happened after the accident. Then come on to purchase a new house and that house was damaged because of fire. So I think anything will happen within your fraction of second so to act as a risk management process to take care of the financial loss.

Type of insurance :

I think anything will happen within your fraction of second so to act as a risk management process to take care of the financial loss. Insurance is essential and please look into Life Insurance the country. your insurance company and the person who is the life insurance is to ensure that means if you look at Life Insurance AND 245 Indian and foreign insurance and the provident fund site is taken over by Central Government in 1956.  5 crore capital was given by the Government of India we are going to discuss in a detailed letter. but look at this life insurance companies that it is directly owned by the government of India and other life insurance companies, there in our country. FDI allowed in the Insurance sector 49% and frequently come across means like Bajaj Allianz, Birla Sun Life, HDFC standard, ICICI Prudential, Tata exactly it indicates.

The history insurance business---

 The history insurance business was Nationalised in 1956. The  business was Nationalised in 1972 all of you available. But from 1919 from 1991 onwards when PV Narasimha Rao was the prime minister and Manmohan Singh was the finance minister liberalization to place in our country. Liberalization started in the year 1991. 94 banking sector was opened for private companies and accordingly, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, came into existence around 1993. Also started Corporation Foreign direct investment of 46% was allowed. for indirect investment as it is allowed in India with Indian companies founded a joint venture with foreign companies and like that is Bajaj Allianz, Birla Sun Life, history of the standard they evolved and you know what is the mean of these Indian financial companies with the foreign  companies there are two reasons for it one is the Foreign capital will flow into the country and second important point is we do not have much expertise in Insurance sector because the  sector prior to 2012 in the hands of the Government of India.

The insurance policy of Indian company vs foreign company :

A monopoly Insurance sector is opened for a private placement.  10 reasons this Indian company head foreign companies Bajaj Allianz this is a joint venture of the Bajaj India Company and Alliance Munich Germany based companies. Sun Life financial belongs to Toronto Canada belongs to Edinburgh The UK. ICICI Prudential belongs to an Indian company and Prudential belongs to New Jersey United States of America, Tata AIG belongs to Hong Kong like that other forms Bharti Axa, AXA belongs to Paris France. The exclusive domain of government sector before 2000 and this is for private sector participation  if Life insurance companies were established at Calcutta by Europeans and usually Hooghly.

Protection is an agreement between the safeguarded and the safety net provider. alright, that alludes to the organization that selling the protection strategy could be, LIC could be, Birla Sun Life could be HDFC standard life, could be any of those organizations that are selling the protection approach. The safeguarded is you and I when we take up the arrangement we are called as the policyholder. The shot now for what reason would anybody approach taking up protection strategy you take up protection arrangement since you need to ensure yourself or your family if needs to pay here is the premium. Every protection arrangement has got its own premium relying on the sort of approach. 

 policy premium cost :
The cost of the estimation of the premium in certainty is pleasant. There are a few arrangements that were in the premium is only a couple of hundred rupees for each annum will. Aggregate protection strategies were the premium to Running 2 lacs together per annum. Presently initially how about we comprehend the standards of protection contract now. The first thing that you have there is the rule of the most extreme plate in products a guideline of air alludes to  the guaranteed must be sure about the terms and conditions. .

Medical insurance :

Medical coverage and an insurance agent will ask me inquiries like does your family experience the ill effects of any heart issues because generally things like. Heart issues are in certainty Genetic in nature. Presently if this work to be valid that is my family what we have a background marked by a heart issue. I should announce the film protection strategy letter on If I were to get into some medicinal crisis. What's more, I show some kindness issue agency may not remunerate because I am never referenced these diseases could be stopped by whenever in my life in the meantime. The  agency to be clear upon the terms and conditions from their site. When you allude to medical coverage particularly the  agency will make it clear. What precisely the going to repay are they going to remunerate you for the medical procedure or are they going to repay you for everything else that incorporates into the hospitalization charge that is the prescription cost the nursing charges the counsel expense all that are they going to take care.

Car insurance :

Where the property has been harm organizations could supplant the advantages, which have been harmed if even Auto Insurance is well in vehicle protection too if you have a windshield open-air .which has been amended finished you have agency. which will supplant that with the U1 repayment. Heera first to something with spouse lost and harm and this case it finishes of getting supplanted commitment. You can take up more than one although. I unequivocally prompt against it. You to have the choice and no specialist says you can't put resources into this on the off chance that I know many individuals in actuality with regards to sparing duties. 

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